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When your laptop goes wrong, it can be hugely frustrating, particularly if you're on the go and you need it perform reliably. We offer a free diagnostic service that will find out what the issue is for no charge and we'll make recommendations as to how we can fix it. We deal in all major laptop models and have access to all the parts required to get your laptop working perfectly again.

We can offer laptop upgrades if you need a little more speed or memory capacity for your purposes.  There's not always a need to buy a newer model when you have the know-how to upgrade what you have.  Luckily, we have that know-how at Lethbridge Laptop and Computer Repair, AB and we can keep your machine equipped with the latest upgrades to software or hardware that will bring it bang up-to-date again for you.

One of our most popular services is laptop screen repair.  Laptop screens are not particularly durable considering they are part of a portable device and it's easy to damage or break the screen completely, particularly if you've had your machine for a while.  Our fantastic screen repair service is the perfect quick fix for all sizes of laptop screen and we can have it ready for you within the same day!

There are so many reasons why you need to keep our details close to hand, particularly if you rely on your laptop for work or study.  We're available to help with all your laptop repairs every day of the week from 8am until 6pm.

Remember, all our repairs are guaranteed for your extra peace of mind in Lethbridge, AB.

Helpful, Friendly

My name is Richard Willard and I'm from Vauxhall. I've had to get my computer fixed twice in the last couple of years. I dealt with Tony both times, and he was helpful, friendly, and explained how I got a virus and gave me tips on how to stop any other virus. Other places were 80 to 100 an hour, but he only charged me 140.00 for 3 hours of work.
- Richard Willard

Knowledgable and Personable

I've been using the services of this business for about the last 10 years. The owners name is Tony, and he's very knowledgeable and personable. The first time I used his service, was due to a virus on my computer. One of my first questions was, "How did I get a virus if I have an antivirus program"? He explained that despite the hype, antivirus programs can't stop most infections. He also explained how I could avoid them myself with a couple of tips he taught me. He's also taught me many other things like the myth of defrag, drive cleaners, deleting cookies, and why you shouldn't turn off your computer. Thanks again Tony for all the help and advice through the years!
- Brenda Doran


My laptop crashed today while I was in the middle of an important assignment for work. I was really worried, as today is Sunday and I doubted any computer repair technician would be working. Low and behold, this shop was open and I'm sure glad for it. I dropped off the laptop at 10:30, and it was finished by around 1:00. These guys are dedicated and obviously love what they do. Thanks!
- Dale Korson

Awesome Service

Awesome service. The guy did troubleshooting with me on the phone on a Sunday, suggested I manually update my video card drivers, and my laptop worked flawlessly afterwards. An honest computer repair guy is as valuable as an honest mechanic!
- Dan Pottage

Excellent job

Tony is doing an excellent job and is going beyond what you expect as a customer! He repaired our computer in outstanding time and saved us from having to buy a new one. I will go back to him for anything coming up!
- Eva Giberson

Informative and Friendly

He was very informative and friendly!! He helped my girlfriend and I with our laptop. We would highly recommend him!
- Luke Spencer

zero sales pressure

I didn't have him fix my computer, but I called about an issue and with zero sales pressure, he helped me troubleshoot my issue as cool as a conversation in the garage over a beer. He even made a recommendation that saved me $50. If I ever have any issue in the future, he'll be sure to have my business.
- Terrell Sprecher

Running without any issues

I called up Lethbridge Labtop and Computer repair because I had just bought a New Printer and scanner that I wasn't able to install myself. They had sent over a tech in less than 30 mins he was at my house and had it up and running in know time, and also did a quick virus clean up on the computer. I'm now up and running without any issues..... Excellent service!
- Brad Lyons

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